A Million Thank- You's!

When you decide to make a difference, the whole world can change!

This past year, Adam Vukusic, a 6th grader from Kamloops, British Columbia, wanted to make a positive difference in the world. Adam was enjoying dinner at Harman's Café and began talking to Desta about her organization. He decided to help.

When Adam arrived home his work began. Over the next few months Adam and his mom, Tamara, worked tirelessly to fundraise for Bete Desta. Adam reached out to his community and school to find other generous individuals.

Because of Adam's huge heart and plan of action, the children of Bete Desta will now have access to important learning tools like a laptop and projector.

We want to thank Adam, his mom Tamara, and all of the generous supporters who made a positive difference in the lives of 50 children across the world!

To read more about Adam, check out this local news article!


This is one of many stories of support from 2016. We want to thank all of the generous donors who contributed their time, money or beautiful handmade dresses to Bete Desta.  We hope you will continue to make a difference with us!

Thank You Thank You Thank you!