Bete Desta (Happy Home) is a children's drop in centre which provides food, clothing, learning workshops and a safe space for 50 vulnerable children in Korem, Ethiopia. 


Bete Desta was founded by Desta Worku Negatu, who coincidenally shares the same name. For five years, Desta cared for these children using her own income. Today, there are over 100 caring individuals who support the children of Bete Desta. 


We are always looking for generous donors or volunteers. If you want to get involved email betedestahappyhome@gmail.com



From humble beginnings...

In 1999 Desta moved to Canada. She became a Canadian citizen in 2003 and established herself as a successful chef, owning and operating Harman’s Cafe, an Ethiopian restaurant in Winnipeg. 


Using her own income Desta began offering nourishing food and clothing and a safe place for over 50 children in Korem, Ethiopia. Thus began the work of Bete Desta (Happy Home).









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Desta receiving the YMCA Peace Medallion Award


Bete Desta has been growing, all thanks to your generous donations.  


In 2015 Desta went to Ethiopia with the goal of improving the Bete Desta building. While renovations were taking place, the structure of the building collapsed. No one was injured, but it meant that the entire building had to be rebuilt. 


In the following years we equipped the building with tables and chairs and continued to feed the children on a daily basis. Desta continues to visit every year and brings clothing, school supplies, medical supplies (such as a wheelchair) and other goods. A new bathroom facility was also built. The main priority remains feeding the children daily so they don't go to school hungry, please consider becoming a monthly donor to help us keep food on the table.