BETE DESTA (Happy Home)

From 1983 to 1985 the people of Ethiopia suffered through an historic famine.

The death toll was catastrophic, devastating the lives of families and especially the children.


Desta Worku Negatu was a 16-year-old school girl at the time. She saw firsthand

the despair and anguish of people suffering during those years. So it became Desta’s dream to help children and nurture

their lives.


During the famine Desta volunteered with Médicins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without

Borders). That began her medical training which led to her becoming a nurse. 

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How a personal charity became Bete Desta

Your generosity contributes to a holistic approach for the development and self-reliance of the children of Bete Desta


  • Nurture orphans and vulnerable children within a loving and caring family setting.


  • Cover costs for food, clothing, education, and health services.


  • Support Bete Desta care givers, destitute families, and aged individuals.




  • The primary services offered are basic amenities of life: food, clothing, education, and health.


  • Training in business skills is provided to generate income and extend the reach of the program. 

Bete Desta (Happy Home) is a new Canadian not-for-profit organization providing humanitarian aid in Korem, Ethiopia.

Bete Desta aims to nurture vulnerable children facing difficult circumstances, particularly orphans and children living in poverty. 

​​Call us:

Desta (204) 997-5358 

Ethiopia +251 91 197 0801 ; +251 91 476 9891

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